Grace in the Trenches: Coming to Terms With a Difficult Birth

Getting ready to go to the hospital.  Because photo ops, duh.

Two and a half months ago I was 39 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the birth of my seventh child.  The baby clothes were washed, the hospital bag was packed, and I was prepared in every way for the birth I was envisioning: an unmedicated vaginal birth.  My previous birth had been a pretty […]

Stop Feeling Sorry For Me

Not really sure how you could not want seven of these.  Yes, that is an exercise band tied around his head.

I think I started noticing it around kid number five:  people pity me. I would be walking in a parking lot with the kids, just trying to make our way from our car to Target, and a woman walking by would say, “My God — glad it’s you and not me!”  (Yeah, lady.  Me too.) […]

Gettin’ My Birth On: Primed Childbirth Prep Review, Part 3

Relaxing through a contraction late in the game.  It took me 5 births to learn that laboring on my back or side is not comfortable for me.

(This is the third installment of my review of the Primed VBAC Childbirth Prep online course offered by The Tummy Team and Primed Childbirth.) I finished the last groups of videos in the series: Prepared and Set in Motion. The Prepared group of videos focuses on management of the labor process: how to approach it mentally, how […]

Gettin’ My Birth On: Primed Childbirth Prep Review, Part 2

Minutes after my 3rd VBAC, 5th kid.  Let's pretend I'm calling people on my non-smart phone to tell them, "It's far easier to take a childbirth prep course than to learn by having five kids.  Just saying.  I'm a slow learner."

I’ve finished watching the online VBAC prep course from Primed Childbirth and The Tummy Team!  It’s meant to be a six week course, delivered online in a series of videos.  Part 1 is Informed, where childbirth educator Karli Leonardo discusses the physical aspects of labor and birth.  Part 2 is Prepared, where the videos focus more on […]

Gettin’ My Birth On: Primed Childbirth Prep Review, Part 1

2012-10-15 10.51.32

So, here I am, 26 weeks pregnant with the Jellybean, and it’s about that time that I start thinking about and planning for the delivery.  I’ve been thinking about it in the back of my mind for months of course, but if there’s one lesson I’ve learned from carrying seven babies and giving birth five […]

Treading Water

Messy hair but hanging in there.

I started being a “stay at home mom” in 2005, when my oldest girls were two and a half.  I’d spent the last six years teaching middle and high school.  I loved teaching, but I was becoming frustrated with the school I was working at, and although I was lucky enough to live near family […]

Make New Friends…and Keep the Old?

When you find a kindred spirit, hold on tight.

In my late 30s I feel like a lot of my mental energy has shifted from finding myself to finding my tribe.  I know who I am now.  I have an increasingly low tolerance for people who don’t treat me well.  I’ve stopped keeping friends around who make me feel bad. I used to hang […]

Clothes Purge, Part I: My Clothes


Purging Day 1 COMPLETE! I’m purging my home using the KonMari Method.  It’s described in the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  She has a very specific method.  Here are the basics: Purge by category, not by room.  My instinct is to purge room by room, but Kondo says no way.  […]

Purge or Drown

My ironing board: where clean clothes go to die

A few months ago my mom sent me a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  To be honest, I was a little offended.  Growing up, my mom kept our house spotless.  I never remember a single magazine being out of place.  There were never dishes left undone and our clothes magically appeared in […]

Chicken Soup With Rice

Chicken soup.  I could eat this for days.

  We’re all sick with miserable colds around here, including me.  As all moms know, there’s no resting in bed for me, since these fools still want to be fed and have clean clothes and get to and from school.  So in the spirit of taking care of myself, here’s my favorite comfort soup.  My […]